Accessory Kit

The accessory kit that comes complete with the shower usually comprises of: Handset Riser rail and brackets Handset holder Shower hose Hose retaining ring


Short for "ampere" - this measures the amount of electricity moving through a wire. A unit measure for the flow (current) of electricity.

Audible Controls

The control makes a sound when operated to confirm it has been made.


A unit of water pressure - equivalent to a head of water 10.2metres high or 14.5 lbf / in² (P.S.I.) or 100 kPa.


British Electrotechnical Approvals Board. The organization that is responsible for carrying out a safety assessment to a relevant British Standard.

Cold Mains Water Supply

The cold water feed that comes into the house via rising main.

Combi Boiler

Boiler providing hot water for space heating and also direct hot water. Heats hot water directly when required. Usually consists of a boiler attached to a wall, often in the kitchen.

Combination Boiler Plumbing System

(High pressure system) These systems heat your water as it is used. There is no requirement for water to be stored in a cylinder. 

Compression Fitting

A traditional water connection provide by crushing a ring of copper or brass known as an olive onto a water pipe thereby providing a seal. Requires spanners to make connection.


Device designed to limit temperature to a set level.

Digital Mixer Shower

Digital mixer showers allow the mixing unit and user controls to be sited separately using a wireless connection. The mixing unit is available in two models: a pumped shower version for boosting gravity fed systems or a mixer valve unit for use with high pressure and combi systems.

Easy Fit Connection

A means of connecting a water pipe without spanners just push the pipe in and the connection is made.

Electric Shower

An instantaneous electric shower draws water directly from a cold water supply and heats it as it is used. You do not need a stored hot water supply for this type of shower.


The front cover of the shower.


The amount of water that flows in a given time, usually quoted in Litres / minute.

Flow Controls

Buttons / knobs used to control the amount of water flowing through the unit.


A device designed to provide protection for a given circuit or device by physically opening the circuit. Fuses are rated by their amperage and are designed to blow or open when the current being drawn through it exceeds its design rating.

Gravity System

A system that is fed by means of a header tank only. Not connected directly to the mains cold supply. A cold water tank usually located in the roof space, and a hot water cylinder, frequently in the airing cupboard. 


Shower head - a device designed to produce a spray pattern from the shower.

Handset Holder

A device that is fixed to the riser rail and holds the shower head. It also allows angular adjustment of the shower head.

Head of Water

Term used to describe how high a stored tank of water is mounted. Is normally measured from base of tank to the point of use.

Header Tank

Small open tank of water that provides gravity feed of water to a hot water cylinder.

Heat Exchanger

Used to transfer heat to water. Cold water in hot water out.

IEE Wiring Regulations

The rules for electrical installations. The latest edition of BS:7671 Requirements for Electrical Installation (IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition) was published in January 2008. Qualified electricians work to these guidelines.

Instantaneous Electric Shower

An instantaneous electric shower draws water directly from a cold water supply and heats it as it is used. You do not need a stored hot water supply for this type of shower.

Kilowatt (kW)

A unit of power equal to 1000 watts. A unit of measure of the amount of electricity needed to operate electrical equipment.

Kilowatt hour (kWh)

1kWh is 1000w energy used over a period of 1 hour. The unit you pay for on your electricity bill.


Kilopascal; a metric measure of pressure based on force per unit area. (1 kPa = 4.01 inches of water). It is the metric equivalent to PSI (Pounds per square inch).


Old imperial unit of pressure. Pound force per square inch.

Lime Scale

Created as a result of heating water, the impurities are deposited on the inside of tanks and elements and showerheads. The higher the temperature the more is produced. Dependent on water hardness (how pure the water is). Will affect performance if allowed to build up.

Mains Fed System (Unvented Hot Water System)

A high-pressure cylinder of water, heated by a boiler or immersion heater, usually providing high volumes of water. 

Manual Reset Cut Out

Device designed to provide protection to a heating circuit once operated can be reset by pushing a button on the top of it.

Manual Temperature Control

Manually adjustable temperature control.


Miniature Circuit Breaker is an automatically-operated electric switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit

Mixer Shower

A shower using a valve to combine / mix the domestic hot and cold water supplies to provide the required temperature and flow.

One Shot Cut Out

Device designed to provide protection to a heating circuit once operated needs to be replaced.

Phased Shutdown

Switches power off to the heating elements and allows water to carry on flowing for a short period of time. This allows the residual hot water to be flushed from the unit, ensuring a cool start for the next user. Provides safety to the user.

Power Select

Allows the power level to be changed higher or lower.

Power Shower

A shower that uses a pump to boost the flow of water to give a powerful shower spray. Generally used where there is insufficient water pressure on gravity fed water supplies.

Pressure Relief Valve

A device that is designed to prevent excessive pressures building up inside a product due to a blockage. Needs replacing once operated.


When something is raised to a higher pressure than normal


Old imperial measurement of pressure – Pounds per Square Inch.


A device that creates a flow of water. Resistance to this flow create pressure.


Residual Current Device detects an imbalance between Live and Neutral and switches off electricity. Provides safety to user. Use to be known as ELCBs Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers.

Riser Rail

A vertical rail assembly, fixed to the wall, to allow height adjustment of the shower head.

Rotary Controls

Round dial that is turned to control the function. E.g. temperature rotary control – controls the temperature with a round turn dial.

Shower Hose

Is the connection from the shower to the handset – Water flows through the hose and out of the handset to provide the shower spray.

Solenoid valve

A tap that opens and closes by electricity.

Spray Mode

The number of different sprays patterns the handset has to offer. E.g. 6 Spray mode = 6 available spray patterns of water that handset has to offer.

Temperature Stabilized

The shower auto corrects the flow of water across a range of incoming pressures thereby maintaining a stabile temperature, and provides safety to the user.


A system that contains a device that regulates and maintains a set temperature. Provides safety to the user.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

A mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water and compensates for variations in temperature and/or pressure of the incoming water supplies, to maintain a set temperature blend.

Thermostatic Temperature Control

Automatically maintains selected temperature.

Water Pressure

The force of the water available in a water supply system.


Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (UK)