Aqua 3500M

Combining a flexible installation and reassuring safety features, the Aqua 3500M is the ideal family showering solution. TempSure!" Plus technology ensures a cool starting temperature and constant temperature stabilisation throughout, even when the water pressure changes. The showers also feature Galaxy s ScaleCheck!" technology to reduce the build-up of limescale, as well as optional Scalemaaster technology to protect the internal heating elements from scale and keep your shower efficient for longer.

  • Energy Efficiency Class - A
  • Simple to use rotary control for start/stop, power and temperature/flow
  • Three power settings to provide a comfortable temperature all year round
  • FlexiFit!" multiple connection options with 6 cable entry points and 8 pipe entry points for an ultra-flexible installation
  • TempSure!" technology offers temperature stabilisation for a comfortable and safe shower
  • Two terminal blocks allow electrical connection from the right or left hand sides
  • Removable bottom section for ease of installation

Aqua 3500M Range


AQ35M8C Aqua 3500M All Chrome 8.5KW        
£183.59 inc VAT

AQ35M9C Aqua 3500M All Chrome 9.5KW        
£188.99 inc VAT

AQ35M10C Aqua 3500M All Chrome 10.5KW        
£194.38 inc VAT