Expressions Revive – The New Class Leader!

The new Redring Expressions Revive electric shower range will revolutionise shower installations, making them faster and easier than ever before.

As well as sharp looks and a full chrome accessory kit, it is the only shower that boasts 8 compression fit and 8 push fit water connection options, 6 cable entry points, an easy access back plate and a bespoke push fit to compression fit elbow as standard.

For a new or replacement installation, the latest Redring shower offers installers the most flexible option on the market, making fitting and connecting a breeze.

  1. Redring’s brand new “Smart Fit 2” connection system includes class leading access within a large and uncluttered back plate, providing installers with more ‘working space’ for easier connectivity as well as a multitude of cable and water pipe entry options to cover almost any situation.

  2. True multi-fit with John Guest and other push fit systems & a free compression fit elbow for extra convenience.

  3. After extensive consumer research, the aesthetics of the shower have been improved and include a noticeably slimmer profile than the model it replaces, providing a compact and stylish appliance.

  4. Available in two models, Expressions Revive and Expressions Revive Plus, both of which come in 7.2kW, 8.5kW and 9.5kW variants.

  5. The ‘Expressions Revive Plus’ models also offer phased shutdown to flush out any residual hot water at switch off, ensuring a safe starting temperature for the next user and drastically reducing the build-up of lime scale in hard water areas.

Showering in solutions with Redring

Based in Peterborough, Redring has been manufacturing showers and hot water solutions for over 45 years.  Over this time, the company has gathered a valuable insight into what makes a great shower through the eyes of the retailer, installer and end-user and as a result is constantly updating its product range with new and innovative solutions.

Redring understands that one shower does not fit all, which is why it prides itself on offering a wide range of showers that combine quality, performance and design.

For entry-level installations the Redring Active is ideal.  Designed for every day showering, the instantaneous electric shower features ergonomic rotary control dials for simple operation and contoured body styling.  It also offers multiple fixing centres for ease of replacement of previous Redring Active models.

The brand new Expressions Revive offers a revolutionary, mid range multi-fit appliance that delivers a fast and flexible fitting for new or replacement installations.  Offering 8 compression fit, 8 push fit water connection options, 6 cable entry points, an easy access back plate and a bespoke compression fit elbow as standard, it is the new class leader in its sector.

If a forward thinking thermostatic solution is required, then the Redring Xpressions Eco-T is the answer.  Providing intelligent thermostatic showering, its six minute timer gives users control over their shower length, while its Eco function allows the kW rating of the shower to be reduced.  This offers significant water and energy savings.

Finally, the Selectronic Premier fully thermostatic shower leads the Care Sector due to its array of safety features that make it perfect for less able, elderly or partially sighted users. Endorsed by the experts due to its superb reliability, performance and safety it provides absolute peace of mind.

With a range of new products and investment in the pipeline, Redring is on course to remain market leaders for the next 45 years, providing merchants, distributors and retailers with a wealth of showering solutions.

Why Redring?

  • British manufacturer

  • Market leaders for over 45 years

  • Innovative solutions for a variety of applications

  • Tested and endorsed by experts

  • Excellent levels of service and after sales support